In the spirit of sports !

In the spirit of sports !

16 Jan , 2024

The year begins in the spirit of sports.

The first meeting of the year at the Dubai Sports Council with Imran Saleh Aljasmi , Bader Harib and Ahmad Al Janahi.
I appreciate the wonderful hospitality received. There couldn’t have been a better way to start with the right energy.
Sport, besides being one of the main assets of my company, has characterized and continues to characterize all my professional interventions, both in the business world and in organizations.

Sport accompanies me in every aspect of my life, has shaped my forma mentis, and has always taught me a lot. Starting from values, respect, and the commitment needed in everything to achieve goals and overcome challenges, even in life. Shortcuts do not exist; they are an illusion, and the result is always the fruit of a well-coordinated and trusting team effort.

Along with Rosarita Gagliardi, we thank Valeria Radaelli for the amazing team synergy.