Neuro-management consulting for your organization

Innovative tools and methods for leadership, talent expression and
peak performance of teams



Today, thanks to VEGA Consultancies, your Company can rely on the most innovative assessments with proven effectiveness backed by recent scientific research. In addition to traditional assessment methods, we bring professionalism and expertise in the field of neuro-management with neuro-assessment protocols conducted by our experts.


Your team and your company have the opportunity to choose from various proposals to experience an innovative form of team building. Our team building events follow a sports paradigm and are guided by top experts in the field of neuro-management, scientifically validated


We provide individual or group consulting and training with coaching activities aimed at facilitating the expression of leadership and talent. We tailor our training to the specific needs of professionals. 


Evaluating professionals’ soft skills, the cognitive functions like problem solving and decision making, selecting the most suitable roles, determining training needs, monitoring well-being, and enhancing job performance are crucial aspects for any company. These factors are also directly linked to creating a motivating work environment, conflict management, and reducing turnover.

VEGA Consultancies is a leader in the consultancy and human capital  facilitation sector. Our work is based on innovative and scientifically validated methods and offers your company a specific neuro-assessment, training and team building protocol based on cognitive neuro-enhancement. Work alongside HR organizations, leaders and managers for talent expression and team performance.


For the world of sports performance, we have been working for years with Olympic athletes, champions and different national sports teams from various disciplines.

We work to identify the strengths and areas for improvement, cognitive, emotional and behavioral BIAS that are activated under stress in the team.

We work with neurophysiological instruments and tests. Thanks to the innovative method we can objectively control the improvement of mental abilities and enhance abilities.


VEGA collaborates with prestigious Universities and Research Institutions worldwide. Thanks to our consultancy and partnerships, we invest in know-how and resources for the research and development of wearables, devices, and tools to enhance cognitive performance, well-being, and health in workplace, sports, and everyday life settings. Our goal is strongly oriented toward innovation to realize projects that have an immediate impact on the community, organizations, and citizens. We aim to leverage these skills and resources for the benefit of professionals and citizens, primarily in the UAE, by providing individuals with tools and methods that can be used autonomously.


Our goal is the success of our clients

Innovation, passion, experience, research, and relationship are our values!

We offer scientifically validated methods and tools for leadership and talent expression, for the empowerment of human capital, and to enhance team performance.

For over 28 years, our professionals have worked alongside both public and private organizations and HR to develop leadership, facilitate the achievement of peak performance, and success.

We collaborate with universities and engage in first-hand discussions with top entrepreneurs and international organizations.

VEGA is in constant synergy with the world of research, possessing excellent know-how, and developing scientifically validated intervention protocols.

We aim to provide practical tools for your professionals and your organization to use independently.


Eid Mubarak !

Eid Mubarak from VEGA Consultancies! Wishing you Joy, Blessings and unity on this special day

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